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Welcome to the Team Performance Laboratory

The Team Performance Laboratory (TPL) is dedicated to the study of Human Factors Psychology and Engineering, Ergonomics, Usability Engineering, and Cognitive Psychology.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Team Performance Laboratory is to develop and test theory and methods from the psychological, organizational, and computational sciences in the study of individual and team process and performance. The laboratory exists to rigorously train the next generation of scientists by pursuing the following primary goals:

  • Develop students into professionals for the practicing scientific and academic communities by supporting learning in an applied, multidisciplinary environment
  • Contribute to the general and scientific community by generating knowledge, developing products, and collaborating both within and beyond UCF

Apply to be a TPL Research Assistant

The Team Performance Laboratory is currently looking for undergraduate research assistants (URAs) to assist our team. If you are interested in becoming a research assistant, please fill out an application by completing the following Qualtrics survey [ TPL RA Application ].

Applied Research Products

Knowledge gained from research paved the way for the development of computer software products such as the Rapidly Reconfigurable Event-Set Based Line-Oriented Evaluations Generator (RRLOE) and the Intelligent Training Suite (ITS) experimentation software library.