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Intelligent Training Suite

The Intelligent Training Suite contains a card sorting and concept mapping module. A scoring system is also included in the software.

Note: Default username is "root", password is "tpl!ts" (no quotations)

Download ITS (OS Specifc) (Online, single OS install option, RECOMMENDED)
Please be patient while the online installer loads, separate window (~1 minute)

Download ITS Package (Offline multi-platform installer, 210 MB)


UCF/FAA RRLOE software. Requres any 32-bit Windows OS with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Access installed.

Download RRLOE 1.4 (Windows, 275 MB)

NOTE: Support for this product is no longer avaialble, however the product should function on Microsoft Access versions up to 2003 (Office 11.0). If the installer displays an error when trying to create a program shortcut, you can manually create one using the instructions here.

NASA TLX for Windows

NASA TLX is a subjective workload assessment tool. NASA TLX allows users to perform subjective workload assessments on operator(s) working with various human-machine systems. NASA TLX is a multi-dimensional rating procedure that derives an overall workload score based on a weighted average of ratings on six subscales

Website download (External website, opens in new window)