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The University of Central Florida, under the direction of Eduardo Salas, will lead a three-year, multidisciplinary university research initiative (MURI) awarded from the Office of Naval Research Collaboration and Knowledge Interoperability program ( The research program will study macrocognition in teams so as to understand how teams might best process information and work together to make operational decisions. Drs. Stephen Fiore, Florian Jentsch, Shawn Burke, Valerie Sims, and Kimberly Smith-Jentsch are members of the research team for the multi-phase research. Other team members are the Cognitive Engineering Research Institute in Mesa Arizona, University of Pittsburgh and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The researchers will develop ways to increase understanding of team cognition and collaboration in network-centric warfare environments. These environments rely on extensive networking of sensors, warfighting hardware and information technology. Command teams must process and use all these data to direct operations. How might do this in the most efficient way possible is a subject of this research. An ultimate outcome of the multi-year effort would be better ways to choose, train and equip teams for rapid and accurate decision making in high stress, information-loaded situations.

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SUMMIT is a Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) sponsored by the Office of Naval Research.